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Eureka! Boise

Project developed with NORR Architects.

Eureka! is a high end, small restaurant and bar brand born in California, recently expanding its limits to other regions. The brand’s goal is to recreate the local culture and identity at each new location, normally situated in the heart of an urban area. For this purpose, a custom design is developed for each location, aiming to make these comfy socializing and dining spaces strongly rooted the neighborhood they are placed in.

The City of Boise has a strong tradition of tailoring their allies in commercial corridors with artistic murals that mark the identity and culture of its local population. The Eureka! Restaurant was placed at a corner of the popular pedestrian corridor on 8th street, full filled with small restaurants, sharing an exterior wall with the Freak Alley, a strong spot for the popular art. The design proposed a façade fully openable to the pedestrian corridor, clearing the direct visuals to the interior space where the art tradition would be continued. A local artist was selected among several aspiring to recreate a mural that would complement the warm, cozy, and urban, yet elegant interior atmosphere

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